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Our Approach

At Alpine Orthopaedic & Spine in Spokane, WA, our mission is to provide our patients with the latest proven orthopedic care, with an emphasis on sports medicine, arthroscopy, fracture management and joint surgery. Although we offer surgical options, we engage the well-qualified local resources that are available for the non-operative management of the neuro-musculoskeletal system as a first line of treatment when appropriate. Below is a breakdown of our Orthopaedic services.

Sports Medicine And Arthroscopy

Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy often complement each other because the minimally invasive aspect of arthroscopy allows patients to return to sporting activities sooner. Arthroscopy at Alpine Orthopedic and Spine in Spokane, Washington, entails the use of a camera that has a caliber less than the size of a #2 pencil to visualize the inside of joints through small incisions over the joint while using other small tools to work inside of the joint to resolve the condition inside of the joint. The recovery after Arthroscopy surgery is typically faster than the traditional open approaches. Sports Medicine encompasses arthroscopy and traditional open surgery, but it also involves a healthcare provider’s appreciation for the non-operative aspect of musculoskeletal healing that involves physical therapy, chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic trainers, and others with core interests in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. As with the Adult Spine, Sports Medicine is practiced in our clinic to encompass these other healthcare disciplines in the care of extremity conditions. Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy extends itself to non-athletic induced problems as well, as Alpine Orthopedic and Spine continues to strive to offer the most optimum treatment for conditions of the aging patient as well as the young athlete.

Fracture Management

With orthopedic surgery training that has involved a heavy exposure to musculoskeletal trauma at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas and four other Level I trauma centers in the country, Dr. Miguel Schmitz continues to enjoy and excel in the practice of the core of orthopedic surgery: fracture care. The clinic is fully equipped to remove and apply casts and to obtain x-rays to expedite your experience with the management of your fracture. Additionally, the clinic stocks many forms of braces in order to allow patients with fractures a seamless transition from the casting or splinting phase of their fracture care to a functional recovery.

Joint Surgery

Joint surgery refers to a broad spectrum of surgeries that are offered to address a variety of problems with joints. In a sense, arthroscopy is one form of joint surgery; however, there are times that joint surgery needs to involve more traditional open approaches. For instance, cartilage replacement surgery typically involves a relatively small incision with implantation of donor cartilage and bone plugs that have passed the scrutiny of the American Association of Tissue Banks. Anterior cruciate and posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction often entails the use of strong tendon donor tissues that originate from approved tissue banks, as another example. Joint surgery also involves special osteotomies [or bone cuts] to realign bones around the knee with the concept of straightening the knee to redistribute the joint forces in the knee. In joints with arthritis, the final option is that of total joint replacement, otherwise known as total joint arthroplasty. Partial joint replacement surgery is also a viable option in some instances. These latter two techniques typically involve resurfacing the joint with strong metals such as cobalt chromium alloys and heavy duty durable plastic known as high density polyethylene. Occasionally, ceramics are used for their improved durability and surface wear characteristics. At Alpine Orthopaedic and Spine in Spokane, joint conditions are addressed with the most optimal approaches and procedures with strong levels of evidence with techniques that are customized for each condition.

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American Academy Of Orthopaedic Surgeons
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