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Thank you for visiting our Physical Therapist Protocols page. This page is designed for informational purposes on all protocols requested and performed by our Physical Therapist consultants. This section is meant to facilitate your visit with your Physical Therapist. However you may find this useful as a guideline for your orthopaedic or spine rehabilitation.


--- Back
--- Foot
--- Hip


--- Knee
--- Shoulder
--- Functional
--- Interval



01. Back McKenzie Extension Protocol (pdf download)
02. Back Williams Flexion Protocol (pdf download)

Foot and Ankle:

01. Achilles Tendon Repair PT Guidelines (pdf download)
02. Non operative treatment of acute achilles tendon tears


01. Total Hip Replacement Direct Lateral Approach (pdf download)
02. Total Hip Replacement Posterior Approach (pdf download)


01. Knee ACLR with Cartilage Repair PT guidelines (pdf download)
02. Knee ACLR without Cartilage Repair PT Guidelines (pdf download)
03. Knee Chondral Repair (pdf download)

04. Knee Distal Patellofemoral Realignment (pdf download)
05. Knee MCL tear (pdf download)
06. Knee Meniscus Repair (pdf download)
07. Knee Non-operative Patellofemoral (pdf download)
08. Knee PCLR with Cartilage Repair (pdf download)
09. Knee PCLR without Cartilage Repair (pdf download)
10. Knee Proximal Patellofemoral Realignment (pdf download)
11. Knee Total Replacement (pdf download)


01. Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis & MUA (pdf download)
02. Shoulder Anterior Capsulorhaphy (pdf download)
03. Shoulder Biceps Tenodesis (pdf download)

04. Shoulder Posterior Capsulorhaphy (pdf download)
05. Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair.pdf (pdf download)
06. Shoulder SLAP Repair (pdf download)
07. Shoulder Subacromial Decompression without RCR (pdf download)
08. Shoulder Total Replacement.pdf (pdf download)

Functional Rehabilitation:

01. Functional Rehabilitation (pdf download)

Interval Training:

01. Interval Golf Program (pdf download)
02. Interval Tennis Program (pdf download)

03. Interval Throwing Program (pdf download)


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T: (509) 435-0973
F: (509) 435-0978

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